Monday, 6 July 2020

Amplex - Multiamp

Amplex VST & AU (V4.0) - Guitar Tube Multiamp.

GUI by Luan Albani

You need to load presets into the plugin. To load a file, click on the information line.

Gain - input level knob
Bass - tone knob
Middle - tone knob
Treble - tone knob
Power Amp - power amp level knob (level stabilized input/output)
Low End - tone knob (resonance)
Presence - tone knob
Volume - output level knob
Stereo -  mono or stereo switch

Oversampling 8x.

Here is some information on how to make presets:

Version 4.0 - improved power amp.
Version 3.1 - tube stage bug fixed.
Version 3.0 - improved tube stage.
Version 2.0 - new tonestack type is added.
Version 1.1 - save preset bug fixed.
Version 1.0 - first release.

Demo by Resington

Demo by Amner Hunter

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Amplex V4.0
Mac OSX VST+AU, 32-64-bit: Amplex V4.0 VST+AU
Linux VST, 32-bit: Amplex V4.0 + IRbis
Linux VST, 64-bit: Amplex V4.0 + IRbis x64
Linux Debian VST, 64-bit: Amplex V4.0 + IRbis x64 Debian

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Amplex V3.1
Mac OSX VST+AU, 32-64-bit: Amplex V3.1 VST+AU

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Amplex V2.0
Win VST3, 32-64-bit: Amplex V2.0 VST3
Mac OSX VST+AU, 32-64-bit: Amplex V2.0 VST+AU

Presets: Amplex Presets V25

2120 is Peavey 5150 style
Barbarian is Engl Savage style
Bass is Ampeg SVT style
Citrus CR120 is Orange OR120 style (similar to Matamp GT120)
Crunchman is Friedman BE-100 style
Dark II is Mesa Mark II C+ style
Firecube is Engl Fireball style
Four is Diezel VH4 style
Gerbert III is Diezel Herbert CH-3 style
Hell is Randall Satan style
Hot Dog is BadCat Hot Cat style
J800 is Marshall JCM800 style
J800 Lead is Marshall JCM800 Lead Series style
Ketchup is Tomato style
Magic is Crate BV style
Pectifier is Mesa Rectifier style
Revolt is Krank Revolution style
Screamer is NaLex Tube Screamer
Steves is Friedman SS-100 style
SV is Carvin Legacy style
Triad is Groove Tubes Trio style
Twin Clean is Fender Twin style
Uber is Bogner Ubershall style
ZLO is Soldano SLO style


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