Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Ninja - Amp & Preamp

Ninja VST & AU (V3.0) - Guitar Tube Amp.

GUI by Luan Albani

It is my development, to use without boost (screamer).

Input - preinput level knob
Gain - input level knob (changes the tone)
Clean-Drive - channel type switch
Bass - tone knob
Mid - tone knob
Treble - tone knob
Presence - tone knob
Power Amp - power amp level knob
Stereo -  mono or stereo switch
Volume - output level knob

Oversampling 8x.

Recommended impulses: Ninja IR
Impedance curves: IC

Version 3.0 - power amp is added (with GUI by Luan Albani).
Version 2.0 - the new technology of simulation.
Version 1.1.J - new GUI with the hieroglyphs.
Version 1.1 - changes in the circuit and added Input knob.
Version 1.0 - first release.

Demo by Wrath Victory

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Ninja V3.0 VST
Mac OSX VST3: Ninja V3.0 MacOS VST3
Mac OSX VST+AU, 32-64-bit: Ninja V3.0 VST+AU
Mac OSX VST+AU, 64-bit: Ninja V3.0 VST+AU x64
New GUI with cable: Ninja V3.0 New GUI

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Ninja V2.0
Mac OSX VST+AU, 64-bit: Ninja V2.0 VST+AU

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Ninja V1.1.J
Mac OSX GUI: Ninja V1.1.J GUI

Download free (donate):
Win VST, 32-64-bit: Ninja V1.1
Mac OSX AU, 32-64-bit: Ninja V1.1 AU
Mac OSX VST, 32-64-bit: Ninja V1.1 VST

tags: amp sim, no boost, no screamer, vst, au

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